Reporting process of Lost items

Guides to report lost and founds

We will guide you to the process of reporting lost or founds.

Reporting lost items process

We will guide you to report if you lost your personal belongs.

Classification Reporting Flow Notes
Online Reporting
of lost items
  • 1. Go to Lost and Founds Information System(( to
    register your new account first.
    (However, For any loss of a license plate, you should visit any police station to report it.)
  • 2. After login, click Report lost items button on main page quick menu to move the Report lost items page.
  • 3. Enter the information for reporting lost items and click Save button to
    report it.
  • ※ Reporting the lost items can not be modified online / in case
    of modifying the report, you should cancel the report and then
    report it again.
  • ※ Please enter the time you lost your cell phone and other
    items if you found out.
Visit police
station to report
  • 1. Visit nearest police station and report the lost item to Lost and Found staff.
  • 2. The staff will issue filing receipt for it after receipt of the report.
  • ※ For any loss of a license plate, only visit reporting should be