Guide to Coping tips of Lost items

Welcome to the guide for Lost item Process Flow

Please note that any item lost will be kept for 7 days at each institution (or immediately), then the unclaimed list item will be heading to
the Lost and Found Center of KNPA.

Lost112 will make great effort find your lost item as fast as possible.

Coping Tips for lost items while going abroad.

Lost Passports

Report your passport lost online ,visit nearest local police station and get a travel certificate issued by local Korean consulate. Prepare the documents required to replace your passport (passport number, issue date and passport-sized photos) in advance.

Lost boarding airline ticket

Visit the airline agency you took to report your lost ticket and it can be reissued. However, the cost of replacement should be charged for you.

Lost cash

In order to receive money from Korea, make a collect call to Korea and notify your bank name and its branch name available, passport number and hotel name, address
and telephone number where you stay.

Lost traveler's checks

If traveler checks are ever lost or they may be reissued when payments stop though a branch around the world. Sign a signature block of th top two places in advance to get the replacement easily and then keep the certificate issued by a bank separately when you bought the traveler's checks.

Lost luggage

If you lost your luggage during transfer by airplane, train and bus, you may have a reward from shipping company by your baggage tag when it was deposited. If you have lost your luggage, report it to a lost and found center with the luggage claim tag and receive a certificate of it.

Missing board on plane

Visit the airline desk personnel to notify your circumstances convincingly and try to find way to deal with the best alternative plan (such as using next flight, etc.).